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A Guide On Getting The Desired Action For Your Call To Action
Do you understand how crucial a role does CTA play in your online success? In order to turn the audience into potential leads or customers, you need to propel them to take the desired action. How can you achieve this goal? According to Dave Ken, what is needed to get the success is a 7 Step M I R A C L E! Find out what it’s all about.

Google Updates Semantic Markup With Addition Of Phone Numbers And Contact Info
In this post Matt Southern reports that Google announced the launch of support for Schema markup to help you specify your preferred phone numbers and location information using semantic markup embedded on your website. They also shared recommendations for building location pages or branch locators.

How Big Companies Benefited from Content Marketing in 2013: A Case Study
Big brands often lead the pack when it comes to content marketing. How do they become successful? Resources and expertise available to create highly successful traditional marketing campaigns with scope for a trial and error approach, as well as innovation and creativity! Mark Scott shares some inspiring content marketing success stories.

SEO Research and Trends

Google Takes Action On Seven Link Networks In Japan
We didn’t have to wait long till Google targeted and penalized more link networks. Barry Schwartz informs us that this time Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, announced on Twitter that Google has “taken action” on seven different link networks in Japan.

Social Signals and SEO
It’s a common knowledge that social signals are not currently part of Google’s search algorithm. But why are they still so important to SEO, and how exactly do they impact search rankings? In this great article AJ Kohn provides the totally mathematical reason why social is a valuable part of SEO.

Google’s Penguin Algorithm Comes In Different Levels Of Degrees?
It turns out that all websites impacted by Google’s Penguin update are not impacted equally. Barry Schwartz reports that Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, posted on Twitter a message implying that Google’s Penguin algorithm comes in different levels of degrees.

Content Marketing

Are Guest Blogs Forked?
Guest blogging equals a Google’s penalty these days? If so, what is the new “acceptable” in Google’s view? In this post Doc Sheldon aims to provide clarifications (or rather educated guesses based upon his observations and opinions) on the topic and shares a few great tips to keep you safe from a guest blogging-related penalty.

­How To Succeed With Content Marketing In Organic Search
Eliminate the gap between the content you create and its ability to perform well in organic search. Learn to get the right message in front of the right people. How? Jim Yu discusses three key ingredients that should help you succeed in content marketing for organic search.

How to Combine Your SEO and Content Marketing for Explosive Results
We can’t but agree with Anna Francis saying that there should be no showdown between content marketing or SEO. No use in choosing one over the other! They should be working together seamlessly to boost your search marketing efforts. Here’s what you can do to bring the two together and blend them as part of an ongoing search marketing strategy to maximize your total marketing ability.

How Much Content Do You Need For B2B SEO Success?
Creating high-quality content as part of your SEO campaign is all the rage these days. But how do you know how much content B2B SEOs really need to demonstrate measurable success in their search engine optimization initiatives? In this post Derek Edmond dwells on the topic in more detail.

Link Building

The Linking Dilemma: Google Has Left a Giant Mess for Us All
Has Google gone mad implying that just about any link you create can earn you a penalty for any reason? Julie Joyce discusses the toxification of links, the unfairness of some link penalties, and concludes that Google has no good way to control links, so things are going to get even uglier and messier.

‘No-Links Ranking’ – The Battle for Better Organic SERPs
What will the SEO landscape look like without links as a ranking metric? Yandex has made a big step in that direction already, launching their “no link” algorithm that addresses a set of commercial keywords and works in some regional areas. Why did they choose to do that, and will Google follow suit? Razvan Gavrilas shares his view of the problem.

How To Massively Scale Ethical Link Building FTW
Looking for a cutting edge solution to link building in 2014? According to Chris Liversidge, it’s obvious: you should truly embrace the concept of quality and appropriateness (AKA relevancy) and scale your processes that generate high quality targets and content opportunities for link building across the spectrum of all types of link building. Read the post to see that it’s not so complicated as it sounds.

The Future of Link Building: 5 Important Messages
Everything changes, but the importance of links remains. Jon Ball explains why: links are still the core of Google’s search algorithm, link building and content marketing are fundamentally different, content marketing is difficult to do well, link building can supercharge your content marketing efforts, you can still build links even if you don’t have great content.

Social Media

Google+ Ripples – One Google+ Feature To Help You Build A Strong Community
According to the author of this post, if you’re on Google Plus and you’re not using Google+ Ripples yet then you’re missing out on a fantastic way to build your community, create leads, and generate traffic. Discover everything you should know about this great feature and give it a try.

Trending Visual With Pinterest & Instagram! Making the Most of Your Content
Visuals are becoming more prevalent across many social media channels. What exactly does it mean for marketers, and what can they be doing right NOW across these more visual channels to make the most of this trend? In this post the author discusses the best ways to find profitability and success across the newer visual platforms – Pinterest and Instagram.

Hmm…the new Twitter profile pages look awfully familiar…
Do you also have this weird sense of deja vu when looking at the new Twitter profile pages? They are so much Facebook-like indeed! The author of this article shares her ideas on the overall concept of the redesigned Twitter pages and the upcoming new features the social platform is planning to release.

4 Reasons Why Social Network Marketing is a Bad Content Strategy
Bill Belew claims that social network marketing is a poor strategy if your aim is new business, solid leads, and good traffic that converts. Why? It doesn’t work for several reasons: driving is a poor, make that a lousy, strategy; your social networks will tire of you and your marketing; referrals from social networks aren’t good shoppers; the numbers don’t add up.


A Lesson in Social Espionage: How to Dissect a Competitor’s Social Strategy
Don’t forget to practice your competitive intelligence skills! It is incredibly important for analyzing and tracking your competitors, whether it’s in SEO, PPC, or social media. The author of this post will show you in practice how much you can learn about an industry, a company, or a competitor by carefully dissecting their social activity.


The Aftermath: Clarifications & Expert Reactions To Google’s Move To Secure Paid Search Queries
The news of the week: Ginny Marvin reports that Google has made an official statement about moving to secure search for clicks on paid search ads and announced “removing the query from the referrer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on Google.com.” Find out what this change is all about and what experts think of it.

SEO Humor

Video Parody: How Google Glass Changed This Guy’s Life In All The Wrong Ways
Do you believe that becoming a Google Glass Explorer is a life-changing experience? Well, it definitely is…in all senses! Check out this great cautionary tale created by Darin DiNapoli – “Google Glass Adventures by Teddy Miller”!

Matt Cutts Gets New ‘Melody’ Treatment
The new Matt Cutts melody “Spam Around The World” from HighPosition.com will surely hit the charts soon. You are among the lucky ones to hear it first! If you can’t get enough of such lyrics, Matt’s classic “How to Rank #1 on Google” is also shared in the post!

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