How To Get Traffic With Long Tail Keywords And 4 Tools That Help

By Matt Banner

When we bring up the subject of internet marketing and SEO, one of the first things anyone will bring up are keywords. Countless hours have been be poured into research that yie...


Duplicate Content Is A Myth. Here Are 9 Cases That Prove It!

By Brian Lang

SEO has changed a lot over the past few years as Google has taken action to crack down on spammy SEO practices. One thing that Google really went after was duplicate content on ...


Ahrefs Content Explorer: Billion Pages Indexed, Fancy Graphs & The “Robin Hood” Technique

By Tim Soulo

I’m now looking at Ahrefs usage statistics, and what they tell me is that a lot of you guys are still not using our Content Explorer tool. Well, last week I pitched it to ...


Loss Of SEO Visibility And How To Diagnose It With These 8 Tools

By Karol K

“Wait … what just happened to my damn site, and why is it nowhere to be seen on the first page of Google?!” … Sometimes diagnosing a loss of SEO visibili...


Write Page Title Tags Limited by Pixel Length with Ease

By Paul Shapiro

Google gave their Search Engine Result Pages a facelift in March 2014. One of the most prominent changes was a change to to how they displayed page titles–increasing the f...


[New Feature Alert] How To Find Outreach Prospects With Content Explorer

By Tim Soulo

I know you hate losses. Most studies suggest that losses are twice as powerful, psychologically, as gains. That thing even has a name – “loss aversion“. Well, ...


90 SEO Experts Talk White Hat Link Building, Outsourcing And Scaling

By Tim Soulo

Here at Ahrefs we decided to join the “expert roundup” craze and publish a monstrous piece of our own. And since we sincerely believe, that there’s no better topic for SEOs to d...


Why Buyer’s Journey is a “Unicorns and Rainbows” Strategy (And What You Should do Instead)

By Puranjay Singh

I’m sure you’re familiar with the “buyer’s journey” concept, since many great blogs have talked about it lately. They say that mapping out and creating c...


5 Circles of Hell You Need To Pass Before I Call You A True SEO Copywriter

By Andy Nathan

Sometimes becoming a world-class SEO copywriter can seem like a passage in Dante’s inferno. As Dante famously said, “In the middle of the journey of our life I came to mys...


10 Lesser-Known Marketing Tools For Small Business Worth Checking Out

By Aaron Agius

Ever since the first caveman invented the wheel, we’ve been using tools to save ourselves time, money and headaches. And thanks to the digital technology revolution of the past ...

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