5 Circles of Hell You Need To Pass Before I Call You A True SEO Copywriter

By Andy Nathan

Sometimes becoming a world-class SEO copywriter can seem like a passage in Dante’s inferno. As Dante famously said, “In the middle of the journey of our life I came to mys...


10 Lesser-Known Marketing Tools For Small Business Worth Checking Out

By Aaron Agius

Ever since the first caveman invented the wheel, we’ve been using tools to save ourselves time, money and headaches. And thanks to the digital technology revolution of the past ...


11 Handy Bookmarklet Hacks For Quick Access To Ahrefs Tools

By Philip Blomsterberg

SEO research is an exciting thing, but we all know – the constant repetitive clicking and switching of windows can be quite tedious and hamper the flow of creativity. Ther...


Building Links With Images: Where To Start And How To Automate It?

By Benjamin Beck

A picture can be worth a thousand words, they say. Well, when it comes to online marketing, a single image can be worth a thousand links! Take a look at this image by comic blog...


Falling From A “Skyscraper”: Why Famous SEO Strategies Won’t Work For You

By Dale Cudmore

How many famous SEO strategies have you tried to replicate? I’ve tried quite a few, but have never been able to get the same great results as what the original authors led...


How To Sell SEO Services: Getting Your SEO Business Off The Ground With Freelance Gigs

By Karol K

Reputation and proof. … or lack thereof … are the main challenges for a newbie who wants to start selling his SEO services to clients. After all, why would anyone hi...

00-White-Hat-Link Building-Techniques

3 White Hat Link Building Techniques That Go Far Beyond Links

By Ryan Stewart

Hello. My name is Ryan Stewart and I’m a recovering black hat SEO. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I used black hat methods because they worked. Really, really well. I ...


How To Lower Your Bounce Rate: 4 Ways You’re Driving Away Your Web Traffic

By Ahrefs

Driving traffic to your site takes a lot of time, effort and money. So it’s frustrating to find that, according to Fireclick Index, the online global conversion rate is 4....


Are Infographics Really That Great of a Content Type for Link Bait?

By Karol K

[Spoiler alert] They are! That was quick, wasn’t it? Okay, that’s just me attempting a joke. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and discuss this a bit more i...


How to Choose A Domain Name For Your Website in 6 Steps

By Mark Scott

One major decision when launching a website is how to choose a domain name. It can affect your business in many ways. The domain name is what can provide your website with great...

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