Why Your Links Are Not Helping You To Rank High In Google [OSEO-06]

By Tim Soulo

My mission with “Oversimplified SEO” video series is to help you guys get your website to the top of Google SERPs. I started off with explaining some basic SEO conce...


This ‘Inverted Broken Link Building’ Strategy Will Make You Facepalm

By Elvis Malkic

When you just start with SEO you hear a lot about the benefits of broken linkbuilding. Quite often you can find broken links on pages with some authority and these links are edi...


[New Tool Alert] Discover Missing Link Opportunities With “Link Intersect” Tool

By Tim Soulo

I’m sure many of you guys are already well aware of the “link intersect” concept. So I won’t waste any of your time with my dissertations and just give y...


Low-Hanging Linkbuilding Opportunities That Almost Touch The Ground

By Alexandra Tachalova

In February of 2015, John Mueller from Google recommended that digital marketers should avoid focusing on link-building, because this could harm a website’s visibility in Google...


How To Retain Your Top Position In Google For EVER! [OSEO-05]

By Tim Soulo

It’s Wednesday again! Which means I have a new episode of Oversimplified SEO for you and I’m really keen to get some feedback on it! Let me know if this situation so...


Viral Link Building: How I Got 100K Visits & Links From The Press (With A Can Of Irn-Bru)

By David McSweeney

This is part 2 in my series on Viral Link Building. You can read part 1 here. In my last post, I looked at how a small website had used an infographic, an emotive topic, and som...


[Lost Feature Alert] Say Goodbye To ‘Backlinks Report’ and ‘Top Marketing Articles’

By Tim Soulo

You guys often tell us that we put our efforts in too many things, while we should just focus on our core features. And you know what? We listen to you! Say Goodbye To ‘Ba...


How To Get Powerful Links That Help You Rank In Google [OSEO-04]

By Tim Soulo

Do you love Wednesdays? I sure do! This is the day when I publish a new episode of my “Oversimplified SEO” series here at Ahrefs Blog. In the last two episodes I sho...


Why ‘You Get What You Pay For’ Is a Myth: How To Hire Talents And Maximize ROI

By Andrianes Pinantoan

A few months ago, the Australian branch of The Guardian, was outed for offering an experienced journalist $0.15 a word to write an advertorial for a national bank, ANZ. The jour...


[New Feature Alert] Get An ‘Agency’ Account To Share Ahrefs With Your Team

By Tim Soulo

Did you notice that our “Plans & Pricing” page got a major facelift last week? Well, actually our fancy new design is not the reason why I’m writing my &#...

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