Darling, We Need To Talk About Link Building (10 Ways To Commit SEO Suicide)

By David McSweeney

Darling… Yes, dear? We, need to talk about link building. Oh? (worried) I haven’t been a great SEO to you for some time. I’ve… I’ve been building l...

how to find popular content

Video: How To Get A Backlink From A Website [OSEO-10]

By Tim Soulo

If you had to get a backlink from some website, how would you go about it? Write a guest article? Create a link-bait? Pay to a website owner? There are quite a few link building...

no seo case studies

Why There Are Little to No SEO Case Studies Out There

By Tommy McDonald

This is a guest contribution to Ahrefs blog. Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the A...


[New Feature Alert] Improved “Link Intersect” Tool

By Tim Soulo

Soon after we’ve announced the launch of our new “Link Intersect” tool a lot of you guys reached out with your amazing suggestions and feature requests. But th...


The Complete List of Famous Growth Hacks That Every Startup Needs To Know

By Lauren Holliday

Ever wonder how startups with no marketing budgets pop up overnight? Old people would tell you it’s through sales and marketing. Shane Snow would call it smartcutting, and...

how to find popular content

Video: How To Find Sites That Are Highly Likely To Link To You

By Tim Soulo

Link building is all about making other sites link to you. It was quite easy a few years ago, when almost every single site had a “resources” or “friends”...


How to Protect Your Website from Being Hacked

By Andrew

The first thing to know about securing your website (and in my opinion, the most important thing) is that you are not doing this as an absolute guarantee against malicious attac...


[New Feature Alert] Historical Backlink Data

By Tim Soulo

Usually when we add a new feature to Ahrefs toolset, not many people will notice it right away (that’s the reason why I started writing these “what’s new”...


Video: How To Steal SEO Traffic From Your Competitors

By Tim Soulo

This strategy is so great that I was almost reluctant to share it with everyone. I’m sure you’ve heard of “reverse engineering your competitors’ backlink...


How To SEO Audit Your Website In 15 Minutes Or Less

By David McSweeney

The little things are important in SEO. But so are the big things. And sometimes we can spend so much time sweating the small stuff, that we completely fail to see the 800 pound...

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