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Time is Priceless – Don’t Steal it With Your Content
According to blogger Tad Chef, as a content creator you need to make sure you allow your audience to digest the content you provide as fast as possible now. Otherwise you just steal their time with your content. Check out what exactly you can do to fulfill the reader’s needs on the current Web.

Don’t Waste Time Worrying About Your Domain Name, Suggests Bing’s Duane Forrester
Matt Southern conveys good advice from Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager of Bing: don’t spend too much time worrying about obtaining that elusive, “perfect” domain name. It’s worth the price only if certain conditions are met. Besides, each domain might have a history, so be sure to research it. In the end, it’s the content you build using that domain name that really counts.

Are You A Social Climber ? Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid Now
Utilizing the full potential of social media can be really rewarding for your business. At the same time, committing any mistakes in a high-exposure platform can totally mess your brand. Jack Rivera helps you make the most of your social media, looking at some of the best practices, and prevent SMM epic fails by learning about the worst ones.

SEO Research and Trends

Dealing with Penalized Websites
According to Jason Acidre, dealing with a penalized website is absolutely the same as dealing with a newly launched or unharmed website. Here are some aspects to focus your SEO efforts on all the time and especially if you want to regain your site’s old rankings: optimize for experience, improve domain authority, string entity optimization.

Lessons From Google On Optimizing Your SEO
It’s never too late to learn. Especially if you learn from Google. In this post Jonah Stein shows how to optimize your SEO strategy “for now, for next year, and for the foreseeable future” with most important Google’s changes (conversion testing within the SERPs, Big Brand Bailout, Panda) in mind.

Google’s Matt Cutts: Backlink Relevancy Is A Big Win In Terms Of Search Quality
Wondering what Google search engine would be like with backlink relevance turned off? You won’t find it out any time soon. In his recent Webmaster Help video Matt Cutts revealed that, judging by experiments run by Google, excluding backlink relevancy resulted in “much worse” search quality. Thus, backlinks “are still a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results.”

Can Bing Be More Competitive In Search?
Is it worth optimizing for Bing? Paul Bruemmer claims you should consider this option. It won’t require any additional work or adjustments to your existing SEO strategy, with Bing improving its search tools and Bing Webmaster Tools already offering a few useful features. You definitely won’t lose anything, but can gain many additional opportunities for conversions and revenue.

Bing: Poor Grammar & Typos May Result In Lower Search Rankings
Back in 2011 Google’s Matt Cutts pointed out (and confirmed it not long ago with regard to comments) that poor grammar will not negatively hurt your rankings in Google. According to Duane Forrester from Bing, they are not so loyal to poor grammar, typos and poor language and consider them to be part of their ranking factors. Take note.

Link Building

How Many Links Should you Build in 2014? All of Them
Stoney G deGeyter rightly notes that building links still matters. Over the years much has changed in how links can and should be built, but link building is here to stay. Discover 5 things that make a good link, focus on relationship building and engagement, and strive for links that are hard to get. Building something worthy of being linked to is your key to success.

5 Tips For Working With A PR Firm To Build Links
We can’t but agree with Casie Gillette saying that, as SEO and PR continue to merge, search marketers need to shift away from old link building tactics toward more outreach-focused ones and learn to work with PR and communications teams to get best results. She offers 5 suggestions for better PR and SEO teams collaboration.

Link Building on a Budget
In this post Dave Davies shows how having more time than money, you can still build quality links, make your site more resistant to algorithm changes, and diversify your traffic sources to increase rankings and traffic. Directories, lists, ego baiting, and creating good content are your keys to successful link building on a budget.

Content Marketing

Content Strategy Gets Tactical: Establishing The Content Workflow
A proper content strategy has many components. Stay focused dealing with laying out content calendars, creation, approvals, style guides, templates and tools. Take tactical approach to your content marketing strategy: establish a content workflow. The author of this post aims to help, sharing the list of all nice-to-have and must-have elements of content marketing initiatives.

Crush Content Marketing in 2014: 5 Outside-the-Box Techniques That Get Results
Brian Dean makes a good point saying that content marketing competition has never been fiercer than in 2014. It’s high time to take “upping your content game” seriously! How? Check out these five techniques that flat out get results: BuzzFeed style headlines, paid content amplification, write ONLY in-depth, 1500+ word blog posts, design is more important that content, use outreach to get results.

How to Make Your Blog Posts SEO-Friendly [Checklist]
Eager to improve SEO for your blog? These tips should help you get started: focus on 1-2 long-tail keywords, use responsive design, include meta optimizations, use canonical tags, optimize your images, don’t use too many topic tags, use URL structures that help your visitors, link internally when possible, use the Google Webmaster tools section.

Social Media

23 No-Fail Social Media Engagement Tactics to Entice Customers!
Looking for some effective social media engagement tactics “to entice your target audience to hold on to your SMM engagement ring?” The author of this post offers for your consideration 23 no-fail tactics for a sticky social media engagement ring. Enjoy!

The Worst Social Media Habits You Didn’t Know You Had (and How To End Them)
Admit it: we all have bad habits. What’s worse is that your bad social media habits can spoil you social media success, but you might not even know about them! Don’t let this happen: break them right away! Keep improving your skills, knowledge and abilities and constantly question whether what you’re doing is really the best option.

Boost Your Social Strategy With SEO Data
Need to improve your social media strategy? How about using your SEO knowledge and data for that purpose? In this article Steve Olenski describes top ways to use SEO data to help your social efforts through finding keywords you’re targeting, tracking your social growth, and monitoring traffic surges.

Local Search

5 New Features of the New Google Maps
Did you have a chance to enjoy the New Google Maps features? The author of this post gives you such an opportunity sharing 5 new features worth your attention: real time traffic, related results, easy-to-view review information, trip-planning tool, rich media.

Regional Directories More Effective with Hummingbird
According to Caleb Donegan, Google’s Hummingbird update has brought some great opportunities within the local space. Discover how implementing a regional directories tactic (creating a hierarchy of sites that all funnel down to the most locally influenced site) you can achieve a noticeable SEO boost.

Google Places Quality Guidelines Updated
In this post Barry Schwartz reports that Google has updated their Google Places quality guidelines, providing clarifications on how business owners can and cannot name their business within Google Local. More details covered in the post. Check it out!


Infographic: Making Your Social Content Great- It’s That Easy!
Enhance your social content and make it a hit among your followers in five steps! An info-graphic shared by Timi Budai in a recent post on the Social Media Community of Google + will show you how!

Infographic: The Blogging Food Groups & Do You Serve Well-Balanced Content Meals?
Serve the best well-balanced content meals to your readers! This great LinkedIn infographic suggests a “Blogging Meal Plan” to help you ensure that your readers get both, desserts and vegetables from your truly “healthy” blog.

SEO Humor

Raspberry Pi Tells Link Spammer To Stick It Up Their…
Sick and tired of getting link removal requests? Barry Schwartz informs that Raspberry Pi has recently slammed an SEO for crying about link spam, sharing on Twitter one of the best responses ever! I guess, you might not want to be that bold with your response…at least openly. But they had the right to act like that!

Top SEO Lies
Lying is no good, but apparently we are all liars one way or another. Don’t believe it? Check this out! The author of the post suggests that if you haven’t performed at least one of these actions from the list, you’re a liar or you aren’t doing something right.

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